Dr. Ryan Fullington, PT, DPT

Ryan Fullington is a licensed physical therapist in the State of Wisconsin.

He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University, as well as his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with minors in psychology and inter-professional communication.

A native of Wisconsin, Ryan grew up playing basketball, football, baseball, and running track. His multiple experiences as a patient in physical therapy, combined with his natural fascination with physiology and passion for helping others, is what first led him to pursuing his doctorate.

Ryan has had extensive clinical and work experience in orthopedic clinics in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois treating a diverse range of patients of all age groups and a wide spectrum of complex diagnoses. The majority of his patient demographic included individuals experiencing low back, shoulder, hip, and knee pain. He recently returned home after successfully completing a 6-month travel contract in South Carolina as a home health physical therapist.

The emphasis on a movement-based approach to healing through exercise, while supplementing the power of the mind-body connection, are some leading reasons Ryan continues to have consistent and timely success with his patients.

Ryan’s objective is to have a positive impact on the communities of southeastern Wisconsin by building genuine patient-clinician relationships and using methods backed by evidence to help patients reduce their pain so that they can enjoy life. When he is not treating patients, Ryan enjoys spending his free time lifting weights, running, playing video games, and cheering on the Bucks, Brewers, and Packers.

Our Company

Bodygenic Physical Therapy serves the Greater Milwaukee Area in Wisconsin and is dedicated to providing the community with the most effective evidence-based, personalized treatment and unparalled convenience.

Bodygenic is a mobile concierge physical therapy service that comes to your home or office in the Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties. We are a physical therapist owned and operated independent company with one primary goal: Bring positive change to the community. We will do this by helping individuals overcome pain and injury so that they can regain their function, reach their life goals, and maximize their full potential without being held back by pain.

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Ryan Fullington, Bodygenic strives to promote your overall long-term wellness with a strong emphasis on your overall happiness and performance. This is completed through the development of a strong patient-therapist alliance.

We are focused and passionately committed to building relationships with each and every patient while continuously striving to reach the highest standard of excellence within the practice of physical therapy.

We work with individuals with musculoskeletal-related injuries, chronic joint pain (low back, neck, shoulder, hips, knees), and patients who are pre or post-surgical. For a more comprehensive list of services we provide, please see our Services section.

The approach we use is encompassed around the latest research and evidence, patient values, and therapist experience. We use a hands on and movement-based approach (through exercise) to help you reduce pain and improve your strength so you can return to performing the activities that you are currently limited from doing. Bodygenic is proud to help people feel better without the use of medications or invasive procedures.

We fully understand that physical injuries can be mentally and emotionally frustrating as well, and we always keep this in mind. Our inclusion of relaxation techniques and reassurance of your inherent strength is why we continue to have consistent success with our patients.

Schedule an appointment today by calling 262-682-1778 and let’s work together to help you feel better and get back to your full life.