Our First Visit

After you schedule an appointment with Bodygenic Physical Therapy, we arrive at your home or office at the scheduled time with our portable treatment table and exercise equipment.

We express our confidence in our services by offering to make our initial visit (evaluation and first treatment session) completely free of charge! This helps the therapist get to know their patient and confirm that their current status is within the scope of physical therapy.

You can expect a thorough evaluation of your injury or condition and to hear our recommended program of care. Your first therapy will also happen at this first session.

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allow you to move easily. If we are treating an injury, wear clothing that allows us to easily access the injury.

Have available for us any appropriate note from your physician or surgeon (although a physician’s referral is not required to access our services).

Encrypted, HIPAA-compliant forms will be sent your e-mail before the first visit. Completing these forms beforehand will save time and help the first visit run more efficiently.

Physician’s Referral

You do not need to have a doctor’s referral to receive services provided by Bodygenic Physical Therapy.

Wisconsin law allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients through direct access. This model has consistently proven to enhance patient outcomes and reduce health care costs for musculoskeletal conditions.

Patients will be referred to an appropriate physician if their symptoms are deemed out-of-scope for physical therapy.


We will provide itemized bills after each visit for you to submit to insurance for reimbursement. Detailed receipts of services will be provided as well. Please click here to determine your eligibility for insurance reimbursement.

Bodygenic Physical Therapy voluntarily chooses to be an out-of-network provider. We choose not to be constrained by the limits of insurance contracts to ensure that we continually provide high-quality, personalized, and unparalleled level of care with each and every patient.

To provide our specialized concierge service to your home and office and give the one-on-one level of physical therapy we believe leads to the best results, we ask that you settle your payment with us at the end of each visit.

Payments are accepted with cash, check, and all major credit/debit cards as well as HSA cards.

Patients With Medicare

We currently have no relationship or contract with Medicare. This means we unfortunately cannot accept payment from you if you are a Medicare beneficiary for covered services (services that are medically necessary). We can, however, accept payment from Medicare beneficiaries when providing general fitness, wellness, and preventative programs. You will not receive reimbursement from Medicare for these services.


We serve our patients seven days per week by appointment.

Schedule an appointment today by calling 262-682-1778 and let’s work together to help you feel better and get back to your full life!